Friday, September 16, 2011


Let's just get this right out in the open. I have thought about blogging for two or three YEARS a while. And I kept coming up with "what ifs" . . .

  • What if I get so perfectionistic about my posts that I take all day to write them? (I may or may not have tweaked this inaugural post 38 a few times -- after it was finished. . .)

  • What if I'm not witty like my one blogger friend, or don't find a natural blogging voice like my other blogger friends? (Forget voice. I don't even know blogging lingo!)

  • What if I put too much importance on the feedback? (My people-pleasing tendancies have been knockin' on my door my whole life, so I'd much rather keep that door closed and not feed that monster, thank you very much.)

  • What if what I say isn't profound? (Heaven forbid I utter words that are -- ordinary!)

What if. What if. What if.

In other words, what if I'm not, wait for it, perfect?? (gasp!)
And thus begins my introduction. My name is Tanya, and I am a recovering perfectionist. (Recovered? Not at all. But recover-ing? Absolutely!) And as I thought about blogging for the 12,738th time again this morning, I was having a conversation with God about it. I sensed Him asking me if I wanted to have a voice (of impact). To which I replied, "Yes, I just don't know what to do with it!" At which point I sensed Him saying, "I'll show you what to do with it." (gulp.)

So I think it's time to pull back those curtains and open up the window, friends! Even though what's inside often isn't as pretty as the flowers in that window box. (Yikes!) All right, people. Here's where you remind me that I don't have to be a super-human blogger. But how about you? Have you ever felt like you needed to have the whole plan figured out before you dared to take that first step? And very possibly missed out on something quite good, as a result?
(Please say yes. Please say yes.)


  1. Oh my "YES!"

    From one recovering perfectionist to another - welcome to blogomania, sis! Can't wait to read & see all that the Lord will do.

    Thanks for living with your curtains pulled back & window open. The breeze that blows through has refreshed me often.

    With much love & hugs,

  2. Having the whole plan figured out before taking the first step - you are describing my ambitions for home schooling.....every single year. And every year at the end of August it is the same...having to jump in and just get started without having much figured out at all. God gives what I need for each day...sometimes for each minute. So, yes, I'm saying yes!

  3. WELCOME Girlfriend!!!!! I just found this & am so excited to be one of your followers! I know you will do great. And don't worry about knowing what to write.. God will give you what He wants you to share; He will give you experiences, ideas, "situations", funny happenings, etc. Welcome aboard!

  4. Yes.



    I've been a book blogger for years, but I'm new to the faith blogging community, so I'm feeling way out of my element here. It doesn't help that I'm a fairly new Christian, too. I feel like as soon as I signed on to the Christian thing, God said "It's about time - let's go!" and off we went! I'm scared out of my mind and hope I don't screw up every single day I sit down to blog something. It's quite tiring, actually! :)

    1. oh i LOVE IT! (the "it's about time -- let's go!" part.) and i am personally SO glad you followed His leading into the realm of faith blogging, sweet friend!

      i felt the SAME way that you do when i began this blogging journey last fall. and i still DO oftentimes.
      but you know, don't worry about screwing up. really. the more you & i try (& GIRL, do i TRY!), the more it will have our fingerprints on it instead of His. and even in those times, there's grace enough for that -- & He can still use it. despite us!

      and i'm sure i'm saying something you already know here, but just talk to Him before you sit down to write. talk to Him as you write. ask Him for that word, that phrase you can't put your finger on. and if there's a certain one He wants in there, He'll provide it.

      there's so much freedom here, friend. so much freedom in HIM. and the more we gaze upon His face instead of our words & our feelings of inadequacy, the more our souls will rest, instead of tire.

      i want to share with you something my sister, lily, shared with me when i began this journey (& had the very same "fear & trepidation" sentiments). she said, "Don't be so cautious that you don't allow yourself to be able to fully enjoy the freedom you have to write & express what God has done for you. Let this continue to be a part of your dance, not your labor."

      hugs to you, my friend in the journey,

  5. My name is Tanya and I am also a recovering perfectionist!

    High-five! (and Happy anniversary) xx

    1. it would be sweet fellowship just to share our earthly & Heavenly identities, but i love that we keep discovering even more & more ways that we can relate to ea. other. :)

      high five back atcha! & thx for the anniv. blessing.


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